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The Partnership for Community Wealth

A plan to increase access to healthcare, education, and economic opportunities in Los Angeles.

The Problem

Los Angeles faces extraordinary challenges.

And they’re crippling the pathway to social and economic prosperity for millions of Angelenos.


Despite improvements in coverage due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Los Angeles County still has more uninsured residents than all but 7 states.

Income Inequality

In 1979, LA ranked 19th out of the largest 150 metro regions in income inequality. Today, it ranks 7th, and middle-wage jobs are disappearing, crippling the opportunities for many Angelenos.

Abuse of Vulnerable Workers

Immigrant labor is worth $180 billion+ per year to California’s economy. However, employer retaliation against workers based on their immigration status has been rising - immigration-related retaliation claims, per the California Labor Commission, increased 1,243% between 2015 and 2017.

The Statistics



people experiencing homelessness in the city of Los Angeles (up 10% from 2022)

African Americans make up 40% of individuals experiencing homelessness despite making up only 9% of residents

“Homelessness is a by-product of racism in America”
~Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority


lack health insurance

LA County residents lack the care they need

Angelenos are 1.5x more likely than the average American to be uninsured

76% of uninsured in Los Angeles are people of color

Black residents are dying of COVID-19 at twice the rate of whites


fewer jobs

fewer employed people

Decline in well-paying jobs in the trade, construction, manufacturing, and healthcare industries between 1990 and 2012

Unemployment for Latinos in LA County stands at nearly 19%

More than 1/3rd of all Black youth are unemployed, the highest ever recorded

The Solution

It’s time for an innovative economic solution.

One that puts Angelenos on the path to better careers and ensures that the private sector is doing its part to reinvest in the community’s needs in a more holistic, transformative, and sustainable way.

What Workers Need:
  • Guaranteed quality family healthcare
  • Given access to skills training through an apprenticeship program
  • Paid middle-class wages in a sustainable career
  • Living in stable housing
  • Providing for their families
  • Contributing to the economic growth of their communities

Policy Proposal

The Partnership for Community Wealth is a comprehensive policy proposal designed to enrich the health of the community at large.

The partnership—a collaboration between developers, contractors, labor unions, community groups, and educational institutions—would support a 6-point certification system that evaluates and scores contractors on their record of maintaining and complying with the program.

The 6-Point Certification Program

Health and Welfare Plan
Apprenticeship Training
Compensated Time Off
Retirement Savings Plan
Reputable Contractor
Self Performance

Success Stories

All residents deserve a path to economic security and prosperity through building community wealth.

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