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Hear how stable jobs can bring economic stability to workers and their families.

I’m now able to give back to the community in so many ways that are vital to African-American boys growing up in the same situation I grew up in.

South LA Resident

Before, I worried about how I’d pay for unexpected ER visits for my son. Now, I know that if my children get sick, get COVID-19, or get injured, we have a health care plan that makes sure we’re all taken care of.

Watts Resident

After the military, I bounced all over the state looking to be able to pay my next bill. Every job I went to was similar with no benefits. I didn’t even have health insurance. I couldn’t afford it.

San Fernando Valley Resident

I had to continue to work, sleeping at people’s houses or sleeping in my car, or whatever I had to do to survive. With no benefits, I couldn’t even afford glasses. I was walking around squinting for a long time.

South LA Resident

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